The Only Weapon


Into The Fog

All of my mistakes. All of my trials. Have led me to this. Have led me to here.
All of my blood. All my broken bones. Have scarred me for this. Have prepared me for everything.
My heart is full of splinters. Pumping courage into my veins. Theres no road to turn back to.
My skull is forged from iron. Restricting fear from my head. Theres no bridge to burn back to.
Into the fog again.
I must be brave. Destroy the fog around me. I can’t give in. Callused and scarred. Bleed through infinity.
Break the curse.
I gather strength. Headlong into the further. Because the worms will always be waiting. Because the snakes will always be slithering.


The blacktop opens up. The street’s gaping wounds swallow suits whole. Fire, dirt, ash cover every yellow cab. I’m in love.
Run for your life.
Gutters collect our bones. Rivers overflow. Sewers drown children. Skyscraper destruction.
This is the soundtrack for the end. Before we all turn to stone. This is the soundtrack for the end. This is the sound of your corroding bones.
I’m in love. I’ve been waiting. Roaches ride rats towards impending doom. We are all insects, all homeless.
New York, you’ll be the death of me.
Vaporize. Desolate. Lay it to waste. The ground will open up and swallow and leave nothing in it’s place.
With open arms I embrace the collapse of this filthy place.

Let It Die

Are we alright. Are we all ok. I’ll dismantle, disable the bomb, but will it blow me away. I’ll hand her the shotgun, the shells, but will she blow me away. I gotta let my fate decide if today is the day that I die.
Alright. OK. Let it die today. Let us die today.
Walk the plank and don’t look back.
Let it die.
Let your lover die. Let your enemy die. Let your idols die. Let your god die. Let your devils die. Let your angels die. Let your passion die. Let your music die. Let him die. Let her.

The Human Torch

I am the human torch. I am the one who burns. Who lights the stage from the inside out. You’ll never cut me down. You’ll never break my crown.
I’ll fucking fight you blood, teeth and bone.
You’ll never take me alive cause there’s a full moon tonight.
No. Never. Never again.
I am a werewolf. I smell your sweat, your blood. I’m feeding off what you breathe out. You’ll never break my stride. You’ll bullet shattered grind.
I’ll fucking bite through wood, steel and stone.
This fire runs through my veins. Barbed wire wrapped around these chains. Grassfire lights up these plains. Forever more.

The One How Knocks

Why do i have to face death to live like I’m dying. Why do i have to see the end. This cancer is my fire. This cancer is my light.
Cold is the night. Cold is my hands. Cold is my heart.
I am the one who knocks. I am the one you fear. I’ve never been more clear. This cancer it ignites. This cancer is my life.
I try to inhale. I suffer the exhale. But I only exhale now.
Feed me some misery. Wake me from this never-ending slumber.
Why do i have to face death. Why do i have to see the end.
I’m right outside your door.

Drag Me To Hell

The sky will open up. This angry earth will swallow us whole.
New ones shall be born. New ones shall be scorned. My tongue clings to my jaws. My tongue speaks forever more. Let us see the rescue. I need to see the rescue.
Pack of dogs close in on me. Deliver my soul from the sword. Save me from the lion’s mouth. From the wretched horns of unicorns.
Haste thee to help me. They’re closing in. You have covered me with the stench of death. The dust of death.
All of my bones are out of joint. They rip claw and divide me forever more. Drag me to hell.
You give me hope that i am not forgotten. Then why are you so far from my roar.
Hasten to help me. All the ends of the world shall remember and turn to you.

Lyrics written by Vincent Garguilo