The Only Weapon

Tech Specs



Firestorm was recorded in New York City at my home studio and at Level Up Studios.


The project created mainly using Apple Logic. Vocals were recorded using Cubase.

Strings and Re-Amping

All guitars and Bass were recorded raw using an iMac and a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6.

The guitar is an ESP LTD MH-401NT with active EMG Pickups. The bass is a Ibanez SR400QM using active pickups. I use Monster Cable and Planet Waves cables.

Guitars were re-amped using a Mesa Single Rectifier, along with a Maxon 808 and Boss NS2, into a Two Notes Reload using Mesa Rectifier cabinet emulation.

Bass was re-amped using a Hartke HA5500 along with a Two Notes Reload using Hartke cabinet emulation. Bass is also processed using the Waves CLA Bass plugin.


All drums were programmed using Toontrack EZ Drummer and the Metal Machine pack.


Vocals were recorded at Level Up Studios in LIC using a Shure SM7B Mic, then processed using the Waves CLA Vocals plugin and the Toontrack EZ Mix plugin.


All instruments are processed using the Toneboosters Reel Bus plugin.
I use the standard Logic EQ.


Mastering is done in the main project using the Toontrack EZ Mix plugin.