The Only Weapon



This Is My Curse

To stand as one. To stand alone. This is my fucking curse.
Uphold this mold of bond. Side step into form of foundation. Instill one sense of thought. With persistence of movement.
A bond of brotherhood never prevails. Together forming no sense of strength. Embrace the glare. The cast of no shadows.
As one we break from formation. Reveal a shadow of light. The constance of loss. The path to fail.
Failing forward. Offering no chance for silence. No sight for stopping.

Three Screams For Lost Innocence

Three screams for lost innocence. One two three little misfortunes. A briefcase full of childhood scars. A lifetime loan of vile lies.
How can she ever feel love and safe again. How can he ever feel love and safe again.
Protection is never an option when violation is never a crime. When it happens behind closed doors. So many lives are broken.

Into The Fire

Upon my brow lies your hand delivering fate with a grin. Never understanding your power to open my heart. Finally receiving what is truly mine. A turned head of a skeptic gorging my spite.
Open my head in one touch.
Gazing backward. Silhouettes breach the corners of my eyes. A host of bliss. Speak with me. I’m failing myself.
I feel power. Power. Silence. I believe. Thoughts die faster. When this illusion drowns my fear.
No asked questions. No questioned conscience. No moral for concern.
Dangling crosses cross my path. Reaching in grasping out. Follow down. Kneeling toward. Face to the floor. I feel my neck twisting. White bone crack.
Life leaving. Soul sold. I feel nothing.

We The Obscene

With a kiss of nicotine. People teach death for tomorrow. We the obscene learn from the very best. Can’t you see that life is just another dying fad. With no hope of a peaceful existence.
Black shadows lurking near its monsters they look to sell. There’s no hope for a country that had no plans of love.
I can’t take this anymore. We can’t take this anymore.
Broken media will take over. Broken media the propaganda.

Silence At Last

Lay with hands unmoving. Breath sewn to silence. Feet placed to never step. Eternal images laid internal. Stale hearts unheard again.
Engage a rush of calm air. Flash. Prepare for listless thought. Unwill reverence to recall. An importance for loss.
Uttered last words. Replay the memories. To watch a life. Bound to end.
Covered eyes notice. A motion in time. Vision at last silent. Kneeling to guide me home.
Color at last white. Breath at last escaped. Pain at last over.

American Hero American Vessel

Bred from the loins of deceit. Feeding off what you call life. Our lives controlled and led. Of our choice it was not you. Smiling more. As we learn to mourn. Beside our youth we learn to mourn.
The buildings you watched fall. In your name is how we hate.
Now converge shock and awe.
Every drop of blood grows your wealth. Each loss of life grows your faith.
In your name is how we carry our children’s bodies home. In your name is how we hate.

Open Skies Empty Terminals

Embraced your arms around my neck. Your hands to fists. Your eyes to close. This is not just blood. These are not just words.
Youve pierced my hands and numbered my bones. An eternity of blistering heat.
But its your eyes that bleed. Your hands that sweat. We are all going to hell but youre going to burn. Cursed by crosses.
With your feet planted in hysterics. Your careless words cast in limestone fit for a weathered headstone.
Tormentation of memories.

This Dirt Lense

Desensitized. Tore out my eyes. Opened too many doors to filth. Close and lock all doors to love.
What have i done. This will consume me. What have i done. This will destroy me.
Smut. Obscene. Obsessed with the taste of flesh. Have i been overcome.
Every single love i have. Branded through this dirt lense. Every single step i take. In the wrong direction. To the pictures. To the movies. To the whores i knew so well before. Tear out my eyes or sew them shut.

The Flood

Ive let myself down once again. To bathe in the poison. Just holding on. Comatose with a smile. Bottle in hand. One more toast to my demise.
I can feel the blood boil as my self esteem dries up like a corpse. Slowly releasing an odor that proclaims. This is no way to live.
With a heart of gold they told me theyd never let me go.
Now ive got the scars of a broken man. Whose problems led him down the wrong path. Retracing thoughts of lost respect. Fragile minds swing in the balance.
One more scream to my revival. One more scream to my reprisal. One more scream to my upheaval. One more scream to my renewal.
But with the glory of sword comes blood that cant be drained away. But sprayed on others. Life takes us all in different ways. C-section of a lullaby. Uncertainty starts with once upon a time. Ive picked myself up once again to. breathe free of the poison. Making examples. Alive with a smile. True love in hand. One more scream to my renewal.

Waking Up In North Carolina

Trapped in a seventy mile an hour cage. Laced with false pride and constructed from false hope. Forever trapped in a seventy mile an hour cage. Waking up with this ball and chain around my throat.
Submerged. Subdued. Drowning. Beyond this sterile patience. Beyond this whole sterile existence.
Blood has caked into the cracks of this false brotherhood.
Empty promises cant leave me warm enough. For the barren road ahead.

Hardcore Kids Gone Pop

From this ive known so long. A revolution based on words. Turned to fashion. Reduced to thread. In which all honor now hangs.
You cant fight this fight. Your modern day vanish. We tear away. We turn away our very own family.
Hardcore is not your device. Hardcore is not your formula for fame. This is no stepping-stone.
Ive been moved. Ive been furious. Ive related. And ive learned. I have written. I remember. I truly know.
The outcasts the old men the young ones the branded. The once united stand before the false idols and reclaim.
This is not about money. This is not about fashion. No fading memories. Regain the passion now.

Hale First Towards Truth

Drown faults in fail-safe life. Your fire in failure inspires. A dimming of content. Less fight for life. A rope encircles your grin.
Sharp mercy. Direct belief. To choose a path.
Hale first towards truth. Clear minds form bonds that can not be broken.
To choose one path. My life. My choice. The truth.

Breath Forward

Build four breaking barriers. Nine sets block the sun. Blazing width of forever. Display one single vision. Enable focus to destroy.
Breathe forward. An unstoppable pace. Moving force with flow. Breaking breath before breath. Gaze backward. The unbreakable race. Who are we living for.
Still fate presses down on faith. Closing eyes reach back in time. The given rights far wronged. Expose the flow. Expire all life.
A need to live behind. To step back. To remember everything.
A need to live ahead. To forget. To step forward.
I need to move on. Not step back. At last lost.
Taking a step back to breathe.
Breathe and dont look back.

Lyrics written by Jesse Stanek, Vincent Garguilo, and Keith Scopinich