The Only Weapon

The One Who Knocks Live


In honor of the end of Breaking Bad, we are releasing our song, The One Who Knocks (LIVE at Webster Hall), inspired by Walter White. Enjoy! This song will be recorded for our upcoming 2014 release.


Why do i have to face death to live like I’m dying. Why do i have to see the end. This cancer is my fire. This cancer is my light.
Cold is the night. Cold is my hands. Cold is my heart.
I am the one who knocks. I am the one you fear. I’ve never been more clear. This cancer it ignites. This cancer is my life.
I try to inhale. I suffer the exhale. But I only exhale now.
Feed me some misery. Wake me from this never-ending slumber.
Why do i have to face death. Why do i have to see the end. I’m right outside your door.

Mix and Master

Mike Marrone